The folks at have had a great idea: What if you could programm your Arduino from within a browser? What benefits could the cloud provide?

Actually, a lot!

Starting with a real platform independence (programming on an iPad and deploying over the internet), an advanced editor, better library integration, and a lot more up to all the sharing opportunities.

Real good stuff!

I’m aware, Arduino is targeted at artists, makers and hobbyists. As a professional software developer I’m massively missing something that helped me write better code anywhere but with Arduino. That is, because the Arduino tool chain is missing it: Unit Tests.

10 years back some friends and I developed a tool called JUnitDoclet. It generates the skeletons of unit tests based on the structure of the production code. Cool stuff, but for Java only. Short time later, at a customer project, I’ve done similar things for a C project. Today unit tests are state of the art. If you don’t use them where they are available, you are IMHO not a professional at all.

Now, what if codebender would introduce unit testing to the tool chain? Wouldn’t that be great?

What do you think?